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So I was really unsure what I wanted to do for this because there are a lot of textures that I already use in other's posts, and I kind of have a weird way of making my icons but I thought I would make something for people that like to work with black and white, and show how I would make/use the textures in my icons: (Sorry that this post and the icons aren't that good, but I tried!)

Minimalist Textures
16 Black & White Textures

by NYVelvet
(I just really enjoy these ones because you have options of adding unique patterns to your black and white creations, to make them kind of look abstract-ish.)

Espresso Machine
1 Black & White Texture

Found @ Pixabay
(I just really like this one because I have a thing for patterns and I like to use these type for my backgrounds when making my icons and this is a pretty cool one!)

1 Black & White Texture

Found @ Pixabay
(I think this image gives a interesting composition when added to icons, you can play with it to get the shading you would like, light or dark. Here I kind of made it look a little abstract-ish!)

1 Black & White Texture

Found @ Pixabay
(I think this one would work perfectly if you only wanted part of the person's face showing and it makes it look interesting! I used it to only show the eyes, to make them the focus!)

8 Black & White Textures

by So-ghislaine
(I really love these ones, because you can create an assortment of interesting looking icons with these, once again going with black or white as your focus.)

Pi Board
1 Black & White Texture

Found @ Pixabay
(This is another one that I really like to use as a background in my icons, if I have a need for wanting to add numbers to my icons.)

Departure Platform
1 Black & White Texture

Found @ Pixabay
(As I said before I like using interesting images to use for creating the textures on my icons, and I really like this one.)

Texture Pack #11 (B&W)
25 Black & White Textures

By OumBoJae
(These ones I find completely amazing because you have so many options of how you could use them. They are really great!)

Six Textures Pack No. 47
6 Black & White Textures

By Carllton
(I just really like the lighting and composition of these textures, they look soft and flowy to me, yet have harsh abstract design, I like the way the two elements work together. They are really beautiful!)

Scratch Texture
1 Black & White Texture

By ChanDang
(This texture is really amazing the way it was done, it can be used to make an icon look worn and old, like a photograph that has been around for a while getting scratches on it (at least I think))

Rain Texture
1 Black & White Texture

By spoofdecator
(I love water textures and this rain one goes well when making black and white icons. It gives a cool effect.)

4 Black & White Textures

by Yeonseb
(I like these ones because you can make an edging/boarder out of them.)

14 Black & White Textures

by 9-liters-of-art
(I really enjoy these ones because I have a thing for maps/paper textures and these ones are really nicely made. And they make for interesting icons, when used.)

Design Abstract 1 | Design Abstract2
2 Black & White Textures

Found @ Pixabay
(I really like the design of these two, they work really well for patterned backgrounds and I like to use them together.)

12 Black & White Textures

by 9-liters-of-art
(These ones are lovely because I think they are so soft/delicate looking and they kind of have a spacey feel to me.)

Artist Choice 1 Sigtag.png
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