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So I figured I would add a post featuring all the icons I have made so far. I hope you enjoy!

189 Icons... )
(Textures used to make Icons were found in various places I do not claim to own them, just used them to create something new)

~Feel free to use them wherever and whenever you want
~Please give me a credit, when using
~Please DO NOT Hotlink
~Don't alter or change anything on them
~Textless are no bases
~Please DO NOT claim as your own
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So I made these lovelies for the month long battle over at cardwars. These were really fun to make.

One Icon per episode...

  | 1x01 |                 | 1x02 |                  | 1x03 |               | 1x04 |                  | 1x05 |

    | 1x06 |                | 1x07 |                   | 1x08 |                 | 1x09 |                  | 1x10 |

   | 1x11 |                 | 1x12 |

(Images Found Here)
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So This is my entry for, Challenge 08: My Best Picture Picks, where we had to pick any year and create graphics from the films that you think are the best from that year. So I chose, 2014 and the movies I chose were:
Click To See... )
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| Snorkel Blue | Buttercup | Serenity |

| Korra | Mako | Asami |

| Legend of Korra |
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Feel like joining another Landcomm? Or joining your first one? Why don't you hop on over to the link below and sign up! Just remember to say that Ama or ama_ranth_827 sent you!! I am new to this comm myself but it looks really cool so far and has some really good challenges!

Lands of Magic

Come Join The Fun!!!
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We had to pick two prompts and graphics to go along with it so I picked: Five Actors and Five Actresses, and decided to do icons to respresent them.

This was very hard to choose only five because I only have around 100 actors that I like so bringing it down to so few was interesting lol.

Actors Icons: Alex O'Loughlin, Taron Egerton, Robert Downey Jr., Jason Momoa, and Grant Gustin.

The Actresses were slightly easier to bring down to only five but still hard.

Actresses Icons: Scarlett Johannson. Meghan Ory, Holly Marie Combs, Emily Bett Rickards, Angie Harmon.

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These were written for fourcornersland, the challenge was to do the 3 sudoku puzzles or write 3 drabbles of 100 words, no more, no less, inspired by numbers found in the puzzles, so I decided to write the drabbles.

Drabble for the #5: (100 words)

Hawaii Five-0

Steve stared out of his office window to the bullpen to where his teammates were all huddled around the computer table chatting. Out of all the people out there Steve had known Chin Ho Kelly the longest, he had to smile about breaking all of Chin Ho’s high school football records, then he had met Danny, Danno, the smart mouthed Jersey Detective, his partner, then Chin had introduced him to Kono, who Steve thought as as his little sister, together they had build something amazing, something that worked, something that Steve called 5-0, they were all family, they were Ohana.

Drabble for the #6: (100 Words)

Dark Blue

Dean let out a groan as he looked at the calendar that hung on the wall, and then he turned his attention back to the gun in his hands, noticing the tremor shake through them. He pressed his hands against his legs and closed his eyes. It had been six days since he had last made contact with this teammates and he wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was nervous. He would feel better if Ty or Jamie was under with him on this case, but it was supposed to be simple in and out, Carter’s words. Simple my ass…

Drabble for the #3: (100 Words)


Maria couldn’t help but watch the three of them as she sat with Liz and Alex, munching on the remainder of their lunches. She had always seen them together since junior high. The three always seemed inseparable. They always kept together and they always kept to themselves. Isabel was popular, she had friends other than the two teen boys that sat with her now but she always ate with them day after day it never failed. They were mysterious to her. She guessed they were similar to, her, Liz and Alex, three friends that always stuck together. Maria whispered, “Friends
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Here is my entry for 1x10 Our Favorite Gal, some pretty Icons...

It was very hard to keep with just five so I did a few mixing and matching lol. I hope you all like them. :D

Allison Argent x5 (Teen Wolf)
AllisonArgent #1 AllisonArgent #2 AllisonArgent #3
AllisonArgent #4 AllisonArgent #5

Piper Halliwell x5 (Charmed)
PiperHalliwell#1 PiperHalliwell#2 PiperHalliwell#3
PiperHalliwell#4 PiperHalliwell#5

Penelope Garica x2 & Jennifer "JJ" Jareau x3 (Criminal Minds)
CriminalMinds #1 CriminalMinds #2 CriminalMinds #3
CriminalMinds #4 CriminalMinds #5

Mira x5 (Spartacus)
Mira #1 Mira #2 Mira #3
Mira #4 Mira #5

Kahlan Amnell x1 (Legend of the Seeker), Millicent Huxtable x1 (One Tree Hill), Chiana x1 (Farscape), Charlie Bradbury x1 (Supernatural), Cara x1 (Legend of the Seeker)
Fave Gals #1 Fave Gals #2 Fave Gals #3
Fave Gals #4 Fave Gals #5
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What's the challenge? To create different works of art centered on your favorite male characters!

So here is a mere portion of some of my fave guy characters. I seriously had a hard time picking five. I made some piccy collage thingys, I figured they are close enough to picspams to count lol. :D I hope you enjoy!

(please click to see full image view)

Nogitsune!Stiles-Teen Wolf

Steve McGarrett- Hawaii Five O

Porthos- The Musketeers

Jamie Fraser- Outlander


Professor Charles Xavier- X-Men
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OTP #1 OTP #2 OTP #3
OTP #4 OTP #5

(Characters: Oliver/Conner-HTGAWM, Kol/Davina-The Originals, Liam/Brett- Teen Wolf, Barry/Oliver- The Flash/Arrow, Davin/Dutch-Killjoys)
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SecondaryChar #1 SecondaryChar #2 SecondaryChar #3
SecondaryChar #4 SecondaryChar #5

(Characters: Alvis-Kill Joys, Milady-The Musketeers, Sebastian-Glee, Grace-H50, Carson-SGA)
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(Please Click Image To See Larger View)

(Wallpaper of Final Fantasy VIII Characters)
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I replaced Favorite Picspam for Eyes...

(Please Click Image To See Larger View)
(Image of The Musketeers (BBC) Characters Eyes)
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(Please Click Image To See Larger View)
(Abstract Sort Of Wallpaper of Spartacus Characters)
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(Please Click on Image To See Larger View)
(Collage Thingy of Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS:LA)
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VividColoring #1 VividColoring #2 VividColoring #3
VividColoring #4 VividColoring #5

(Icons of Glee Characters: Blaine, Santana, Rachel, Kurt, and Sam.)
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Black&White #1 Black&White #2 Black&White #3
Black&White #4 Black&White #5

(Icons of The Vampire Diaries Characters: Bonnie, Damon, Stefan, Elena, Jeremy) 
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1Image5Icons #1 1Image5Icons #2 1Image5Icons #3
1Image5Icons #4 1Image5Icons #5

(Drew & Rick From The Night Shift (NBC))
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So I hope I did these right! :D LOL.

I chose options:
C) Quote Mash : Create 2 large graphics or gifs from one fandom with quotes from another source.
Pictures from BBC, The Musketeers, Quotes from
(Click for Full View)

D) Technique Mash : Create 3 icons using two different techniques.
3 Icons from BBC's The Musketeers, Aramis, Athos, Porthos, Close Crop+ Black & White.


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