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August 04: How did you get into Spartacus/Nagron? ( [ profile] kleinepfoetchen)

Thanks for the question Hon!

I started watching Spartacus as soon as it aired on Starz, I kept seeing the previews for it and it looked amazing!!!! My very first favorite character on there was of course Spartacus, I loved Andy, he was amazing! And I loved Varro, Jai is amazing! Then when the second half of the first season was aired and they brought on Agron (Dan), Duro, and Mira, I was soooo happy, and the 5 of them were my faves, then they go and kill off Varro, not happy, it all started to go down hill from there for my characters because I lost Duro too!!! The only comfort I had was that Sparty, Mira and Agron survived! And then the news of Andy's illness, came and I felt heartbroken, but I had hope that after a short break (this was before I knew how serious his cancer was) that he would come back to do the new season!

I really enjoyed the mini season that we got, because we got to see Gannicus and I really liked him, and he became one of my faves also (though I don't like him as well as I do my other faves)

News came that the second season was still happening, I will be honest had it not been for Argon and Mira still being characters on the show, I would have probably given up on the show, but I am so glad that I didn't because we got a new Sparty (Liam, who was amazing as Sparty) and then shortly into the second season we got Nasir (Pana is so handsome) and my hopes for Nagron were born!!! I have loved them since then!

I also got a few other fave characters in the second season, Saxa, and Donar! Love them too!

So yeah that pretty much is my story of Spartacus.Nagron love LOL If you would like to know more about the show and the actors for those that don't know much about it you can go here or here

I hope this was a good enough answer! I hope I didn't bore anyone LOL

Thanks again Hon for the question and thanks to my f-list for reading this and on to the next day we go!!! :D

There is still time to send me more questions, so please do, you can leave them in the comments here! :D


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