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These were written for fourcornersland, the challenge was to do the 3 sudoku puzzles or write 3 drabbles of 100 words, no more, no less, inspired by numbers found in the puzzles, so I decided to write the drabbles.

Drabble for the #5: (100 words)

Hawaii Five-0

Steve stared out of his office window to the bullpen to where his teammates were all huddled around the computer table chatting. Out of all the people out there Steve had known Chin Ho Kelly the longest, he had to smile about breaking all of Chin Ho’s high school football records, then he had met Danny, Danno, the smart mouthed Jersey Detective, his partner, then Chin had introduced him to Kono, who Steve thought as as his little sister, together they had build something amazing, something that worked, something that Steve called 5-0, they were all family, they were Ohana.

Drabble for the #6: (100 Words)

Dark Blue

Dean let out a groan as he looked at the calendar that hung on the wall, and then he turned his attention back to the gun in his hands, noticing the tremor shake through them. He pressed his hands against his legs and closed his eyes. It had been six days since he had last made contact with this teammates and he wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was nervous. He would feel better if Ty or Jamie was under with him on this case, but it was supposed to be simple in and out, Carter’s words. Simple my ass…

Drabble for the #3: (100 Words)


Maria couldn’t help but watch the three of them as she sat with Liz and Alex, munching on the remainder of their lunches. She had always seen them together since junior high. The three always seemed inseparable. They always kept together and they always kept to themselves. Isabel was popular, she had friends other than the two teen boys that sat with her now but she always ate with them day after day it never failed. They were mysterious to her. She guessed they were similar to, her, Liz and Alex, three friends that always stuck together. Maria whispered, “Friends
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This one just kind of happened, I hope it is good. :D

Title: Had the Time of Our Lives
Prompt: Fork In The Road AU.
Fandom: Killjoys
Pairings/Characters: D’Avin/Dutch| D’Avin Jaqobis, John Jaqobis, Dutch.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 788
Disclaimer: I DON’T claim to own the character of Killjoys or to have anything to do with the show. I just like to use the characters as toys in my imagination. I write these just for fun, NO profit was made!

Had the Time of Our Lives

D’Avin was pretty sure that he had reached another turning point in his life, pretty sure he had reached a fork in the road. Decisions needed to be made. He just didn’t know what to do. In the past Dutch and Johnny would have grabbed him by the wrists, to direct him on which way he should go and without them he wasn’t sure what to do. This fork in the road seemed scarier to him than any other he had faced before.

Maybe this was a test and he just didn’t know. Maybe he should make the best of it and not ask why things happened the way they did. He, better than anyone knew life was unpredictable and right now he was afraid he would make the wrong decision.

D’Avin sat down on the park bench he came to and let out a long breath. HE was tired. His one bag sat beside him on the bench. He couldn’t help but stare at it and shake his head. That was all he had, that one bag. His life since he had gotten here fit into one bag. He knew how sad that was.

He wasn’t sure he could do this without them. He had gotten used to making decisions with them, or having them make the decisions and he had just followed along, but now he was alone. Maybe it was better this way. They all wanted it this way, right?

D’Avin slipped his phone out of his pocket and opened the picture gallery, as he browsed through the pictures, it only made it worse. Staring at the pictures of the three of them together, knew they all were happy. Those times were burned into his mind. Where did it all go awry?  D’Avin knew it was his fault, he just couldn’t pinpoint when it happened. When did I mess it all up?

He let out a groan as he shoved his phone back into this pocket and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. There on his skin taunting him were the names of the two people he was running away from. D’Avin was pretty sure they had all had the times of their lives but he had a feeling he was wrong, he wasn’t good for them, they were better off without him. These tattoos would forever be a reminder of what he had and was cowardly running away from.

The last time he had found himself at a fork in the road was when he had first come back to find Johnny. He had gotten a lot of “I hate you” thrown at him from his younger brother but that slowly changed, they became brothers again. He soon got a lot of “I love you” whisper to him from Dutch. Dutch, she was one of a kind girl as far as D’Avin was concerned. At first he had seen Dutch as the girl he wanted to be with for a very long time but when the truth came out, he could tell she regretted asking to hear the words. She was right, she deserved so much better than me. He told himself every day.

They told him his story was getting old, they needed more but they said they had wanted him there. They said that he needed to let them in. He had opened up to them about his past and they seemed to shut him out after that. D’Avin didn’t know what they wanted from him. Maybe he was crazy, maybe it had all been in his head but it was too late to change that now. He had walked away.

Maybe that was it; maybe he had already chosen his path at the fork in the road. He had walked away.  He had cut the strings, yet he could still feel the sting. The lies, the holding back of the truth had been easier. D’Avin knew his words would be hard for them to swallow, that was a fork in the road that he had made a wrong turn at. There was no going back from that.

D’Avin jumped when he phone started vibrating and the song that Johnny had put as his ringtone started blaring at him. He quickly pulled the phone out of his pocket and glanced at the screen. Johnny’s smiling face was staring at him. D’Avin knew he was at the fork in the road and there was only one direction to go. He knew it was the wrong choice, but he was known for his wrong choices. D’Avin swiped his finger across the red ignore button and then shoved the phone back into his pocket. He told himself it was the right thing to do.
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Title: Homemade Food Is The Best
Prompt: Smell
Fandom: The Night Shift
Pairings: Drew Alister/Rick Lincoln, Krista & Drew Friendship
Rating: PG
Word Count: 535
Disclaimer: I DON’T claim to own the character of The Night Shift or to have anything to do with the show. I just like to use the characters as toys in my imagination. I write these just for fun, NO profit was made!

Drew rolled over onto his back and slowly opened his eyes. He reached an arm out to the other side of the bed, Rick wasn’t there. Drew let out a sigh and sat up, stretching and letting out a yawn. He slowly made his way to the bathroom to relieve his bladder and then he headed out into the hallway. As soon as he left the bedroom he could smell something delicious. He couldn’t pinpoint the scent he smelled though.

He grabbed his hooded sweatshirt from the back of the living room chair as he made his way towards the kitchen and he slid it on, leaving the hood up. Drew rubbed at his eyes and let out another yawn as he entered the kitchen. “What are you making?” He sat down at the table and rested his head on his arms that he had folded on top of the table.

Rick let out a happy chuckle. “Hi there sleepy head.” He sat the spoon down on the counter and came over to Drew and kissed him on the forehead, running his hand over his short hair, pulling the hood down. “I hope I didn’t wake you up too soon.”

Drew shook his head and leaned into Rick’s hand that was now rested against his jaw. “No, but it smells delicious. So what is it?”

“I know how much we both love the food from Oriental Gardens, but since they are closed for renovations I thought I would try to make us some homemade Chinese. I am making General Tso’s Chicken with Rice and steamed snow peas and carrots.”  Rick let out a chuckle when Drew picked his head up off his arms and smiled. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to Drew’s lips.

“Homemade food is the best.” Drew said with a smile once they broke the kiss.


“Oh my word, what is that amazing smell?” Krista asked as she stepped into the lounge and noticed Drew sitting at the table with his normal coffee mug and a bowl of some steaming food. She came over and draped her arms over his shoulders, placing her chin on his head.

“Rick made us some homemade General Tso’s chicken and it’s amazing. He sent some to work with me in case I got hungry.” Drew stabbed a piece of the chicken with his fork and raised it up towards Krista.

Krista took the piece of chicken into her mouth and let out a happy hum. “Wow, I didn’t know Rick was such a great cook.” She eyed the dish of chicken and then tried to take the fork from Drew’s hand.

“Hey…don’t get grabby.” Drew swatted at her hand and then glanced up at her. “The taste is even better than the smell isn’t it?”

“Yeah it is. I think I might steal him away from you.”

Drew let out a chuckle. “Good luck with that.”

Krista let out a chuckle of her own and then kissed the side of Drew’s head. “I know I can’t steal him away from you. I just might have to come over for meals with you guys.”

Drew let out another chuckle. “I will run that by Rick.”
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This is for the lovely [ profile] aravishermione, I hope that you like it Hon! :D Sorry it took a bit to get it out but here it is LOL.

“No One Needs to Know.”
A McDanno Drabble

Steve wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or just being stupid. He could have sworn he had been hit by cupid’s arrow but he wasn’t going to tell anyone that. No one needs to know how he is feeling or what he is thinking about.

Ever since he met the short, blue-eyed handsome detective, he had fallen hard. He could see him and blue-eyes together for a long time, but no one needs to know that. Steve knew his heart was set, but he also knew that Danny didn’t know his feelings and more importantly Steve didn’t know if Danny felt the same way.

He kept telling himself that he would tell Danny soon, somehow he would find the right way to bring it up, but right now he was going to keep it a secret, no one needs to know. He knows that Danny has been hurt in the past and he doesn’t want to hurt him. Maybe that is why Steve hasn’t told Danny how he feels. It wasn’t that Steve was afraid that he would ever cheat on Danny, no, that wasn’t who Steve was. But Steve was afraid that he wasn’t enough for Danny or Grace. That little girl might be the reason Steve hasn’t said anything to Danny; He doesn’t want to do something that will hurt either of them.

Steve let out a sigh as he glanced out his office window; it was raining outside, pouring down. He knew he could easily let it dampen his mood but when he glanced out across the office and saw the bright smile of the man he wished was his, Steve couldn’t help but smile in return. Steve watched as Kono and Chin left the office after giving him a wave and then he watched as his partner made his way towards him, stopping in the doorway, leaning on the frame.

“Hey Babe, what’s wrong?” Danny asked, he knew Steve was lost in his thoughts and wasn’t sure if something had happened that he didn’t know about. Danny didn’t like not knowing things, but knowing Steve he would tell him that he didn’t need to know about it.

Steve stood up and crossed the short distance that still separated him and Danny. He wanted to reach out and touch Danny but Steve was afraid and not many things made him afraid. “Just been thinking about a lot.” Steve shook his head, he didn’t need to be afraid where Danny was concerned and he finally did reach out to Danny, he placed a hand on his strong shoulder and gave a squeeze.

“Care to share?” Danny asked raising his shoulder up into Steve’s grasp. His hands were really warm.

Steve glanced down at the shiny badge on Danny’s belt and let out another sigh. He really didn’t want to ruin their working relationship.

Danny unfolded his arms and reached out grabbing Steve’s shirt, pulling him closer to him. “If you are worried, no one needs to know, right now.” Danny stretched up and pressed his lips to Steve’s. He was really glad that Steve’s lips responded to his because if Steve had pushed him away he didn’t know what he would do.

Steve broke the kiss after a few moments and took in a deep breath. He leaned his forehead against Danny’s. “Okay, no one needs to know right now. We will keep it professional at work.”

Danny nodded and then pressed his lips to Steve’s again. “Professional, yep…” He mumbled as Steve deepened the kiss.
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Title: What Are You Waiting For?
Prompt: Feathers
Fandom: The Musketeers
Pairings: Aramis/Athos Friendship.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 448
Disclaimer: I DON’T claim to own the character of The Musketeers or to have anything to do with the show. I just like to use the characters as toys in my imagination. I write these just for fun, NO profit was made!

Aramis let out a groan as he took the last step down the long wooden staircase. Training earlier had been rough. Some of the newer recruits had broken out into a fight over… Aramis wasn’t even sure what it was over. His hand had been cut and his hat had been trampled on. The feather that he had placed there so many years ago had been snap in two.

Aramis glanced down at his hat he was holding and let out a sigh. His hat just did not look right without a feather placed upon it.

“It is a shame you know.”

Aramis shook his head and then glanced behind him. He couldn’t help the smile that came on his face. “What is?”

“That your hat no longer has a feather.” Athos said as he came to a stop beside his friend.

“Yes it was a very nice feather.” Aramis responded and stroked the place on his hat where the feather had been with his thumb. He knew that the feather was nothing really that special but he had had it since he had become a Musketeer and now he just felt off not having it.

Athos let out a chuckle. “Yes, yes it was.”

Aramis glanced up at Athos. “Did you just come down here to tell me that my hat is now less of a hat, or did you actually want something of me?” He wiped off the brim of his hat and then placed it on his head.

Athos let out another chuckle. “I suppose it is less of a hat now, according to your standards. But I did come down here for a reason.” Athos held out his hand towards Aramis.

“Where did you find it?” Aramis asked looking up from the item in Athos’ hand to Athos’ face, where a smile was still gracing his lips.

“Treville still had some of the feathers that he had given us when we became Musketeer’s, I think this one is a perfect match for yours.” Athos placed the feather in Aramis’ hand. “Just don’t tell Porthos I am giving you things, wouldn’t want him to get jealous.” Athos’ smile widened as Aramis let out a chuckle.

“No we do not need that.” Aramis shook his head and then glanced over at said man fondly, letting out another chuckle. He turned his gaze onto the feather that he now held.

"What are you waiting for?" Athos motioned with his hand, for Aramis to put the feather on his hat where it belonged.

Aramis once again let out a chuckle and then removed his hat, placing the feather in the place the other one had been in. "Thank-you!"

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This is for the lovely [ profile] bm_shipper So its a little short but I still hope you like it! :D

"Wanna Dance?"
A Kol/Davina Drabble
  Kol sat down on the old Victorian sofa, stretching out his long legs. He had to admit he rather liked being in this body and he knew that Miss Davina Claire liked this body too. He could tell by the way she watched him, much like she was doing right now. Kol smiled at her.
    Davina returned the smile and then turned away. She had been going through the vinyl records that Kol had collected over the years. She finally found one that she wanted to listen to and she placed it on the record player. The needle dropped and the music started and she could hear Kol let out an appreciative hum. “This song is great!” Davina said as she turned to face Kol again.
    Kol smiled at her again. “I do say Davina Claire your taste in music has greatly improved.”  

    “Ha ha…” Davina stuck her tongue out at him, thinking back to when they first met and Kol had teased her about the music she had bought. “I guess you’ve been good for something then.”
    “I would say that I have been good for more than widening your musical horizons. Davina Claire, you wound me.” Kol placed a hand on his chest over his heart, and let out a dramatic sigh.
    Davina let out a chuckle. “I didn’t know you were so easily wounded.” She watched Kol as he watched her. He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth as she began to sway to the music. “Wanna dance?” She asked holding her hand out to him.
    Kol release his bottom lip from between his teeth and nodded. He stood and crossed the short distance to where Davina was still swaying to the music. He took her still outstretched hand in his and pulled, spinning her towards him until her body was pressed against his own. “I will do anything you want me to.” Kol told her truthfully.
    Davina smiled up at him and then stretched, pressing her lips to his. Kol returned her smile after she broke the kiss. She placed her head on Kol’s chest and wrapped her arms around him. It was more fun to sway to the music when she had Kol holding her. “I like this.”
    Kol hummed, wrapping his arms more tightly around her. “As do I, Davina Claire.”

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This was written for the lovely [ profile] tardis_mafia
Thank-you Hon, it was very fun to write this little Sterek drabble for you! :D

Come Over Here and Make Me
A Sterek Drabble

Stiles was fuming when the jeep’s tires screeched to a halt. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been this mad. He had been promised something and that promise wasn’t kept. Stiles let out a harsh breath as he climbed out of the jeep, slamming the door shut behind him. Normally he would have been worried that he did damage to the ancient jeep but right now that was the last thing on his mind.

He made quick work of the stairs, taking two at a time, making his way to the very top, to the loft. To his loft. It was a trip he usually enjoyed making, with a smile on his face but today was not one of those times. He let out a huff as his anger at said man just seemed to build with every step he got closer to that door. Stiles knew that he should probably knock but instead he pulled the door open and stepped inside.

“You are a real ass at times you know that?” Stiles said when he caught sight of the man his anger was directed at. He pointed his finger at him and noticed his hands were shaking, he quickly pulled his arm back close to him.

Derek looked up from the book in his hands and tilted his head to the side as he took in the sight of a very angry Stiles. He could smell the anger radiating off the younger man. “What have I done this time?” Derek sat the book down and stood up.

“You…you…” Stiles lost his words as he saw Derek’s eyes flash bright blue before turning back to their normal hazel. Stiles swallowed hard around the lump that was now forming in his throat. “You promised me that you were coming over to have dinner with my dad and me. I even cooked. When do I ever cook? And guess what you missed the whole thing.” He folded his arms across his chest as he watched Derek closely. He knew that Derek could sense when his anger started to mix with slight fear. It wasn’t fear of Derek. The fear was that whenever he got angry with Derek, that Derek would get mad enough in return and break things off with him. Stiles couldn’t handle that.

“That wasn’t tonight…” Derek shook his head at Stiles.

Stiles let out a harsh laugh. “It WAS tonight.” He tightened his arms around himself as a smirk came on the taller man’s face. His stupidly gorgeous face.

Derek stepped closer to Stiles, pulling his phone out of his back pocket. Stiles was watching him closely and Derek couldn’t help it when his smile grew. Derek couldn’t help that he found Stiles adorable when he was stressed out. “Stiles you said the 4th, today is only the 3rd…” Derek opened his text message and held the phone out to Stiles.

“Why would I say the 4th, Dad had tonight off, I am pretty sure I said…” Stiles stopped himself short as he glanced that the text message. He felt the blush creep into his cheeks.

Derek took the phone back from Stiles, who was staring at it mouth open like he was about to say more but the words were failing him. He walked back over to couch and sat back down where he was. “So am I still an ass, for missing something that this text clearly says is tomorrow night?” Derek’s smirk grew as he looked up at Stiles.

Stiles pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and shook his head. “No…I guess it was my fault. But wipe that smirk off your face.” He slowly unfolded his arms, finally feeling the anger leave him but only to be replaced with embarrassment. How could he have been so stupid to think that Derek wouldn’t have shown up to something he had promised to be at. Stiles let out a sigh as he saw the smirk grow even more on Derek’s face. “I said stop smirking…you ass…”

“Come over here and make me.” Derek raised his eyebrows at Stiles but the smirk was still in place.

Stiles let out a huff and crossed the loft to the couch in a few long strides. He reached down and placed his hand over Derek’s mouth but could still feel the smirk firmly in place. “It’s not nice to smirk, just because you were right and I was wrong!”

Derek reached up and grabbed Stiles around the waist and pulled him down, quickly flipping them over so he was hovering about the younger man. “I said make me…that was a pretty pour attempt at keeping the smirk off my face.”

“Ugh really, warn a guy when you’re going to do that.” Stiles placed both hands on Derek’s shoulders. He pulled himself up and pressed his lips against Derek’s, finally feeling the smirk leave the other’s lips, as Derek started to kiss him back. Stiles broke the kiss after a few minutes. “Was that a better attempt?”

Derek’s smirk came back and he nodded.

Stiles let out a chuckle and then leaned up and pressed their lips back together. If kissing Derek kept the smirk off his face, Stiles would glad do it all night!      
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Author: Amaranth827

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0

Word Count: 1001

Prompt Word: Atlantis

Character Pairing: Steve McGarrett/Danny ‘Danno’ Williams

Characters: Steve McGarrett, Danny ‘Danno’ Williams, Grace Williams

Book Em Danno... )

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Author: Amaranth827
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Word Count: 1093
Prompt Word: Vanity Fair
Character Pairing: Steve McGarrett/Danny ‘Danno’ Williams
Characters: Steve McGarrett, Danny ‘Danno’ Williams, Grace Williams

(This is a little scene from my H50 fic, Goodbye Means Hello)

Book Em Danno... )
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Author: Amaranth827
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Word Count: 673
Prompt Word: Dot
Character Pairing: Steven J. McGarrett/Danny ‘Danno’ Williams

Book Em Danno... )


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