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So some of you may know this and some of you may not but I really love Disney movies, and who doesn't love the Princesses, so I thought why not do a inspiration post for them. Here we go:

Almost every little girl has grown up with one or more Disney princesses as their idol, with Elsa from Frozen the most obvious recent example. From Snow White to Cinderella, Disney princesses have served as role models for children for generations. Many come from fairy tales that were around long before Disney even existed, but the movies that star these beautiful characters are what made them so famous today.

Words to get you thinking:

noun: princess; plural noun: princesses
the daughter of a monarch.
a close female relative of monarch, especially a son's daughter.
the wife or widow of a prince.
the female ruler of a small state, actually, nominally, or originally subject to a king or emperor.
a spoiled or arrogant young woman.
Synonyms for princess:
noun female ruler
queen, sovereign

After getting inspired by the words above let's look at the Princesses who have appeared in movies to date, in the order they graced our screens for more inspiration:
(Information About Princesses Taken from (Not my words on descriptions of Princesses): Here and Here)

The Princesses... )

This post is image heavy so it will be behind cut, IMAGE HEAVY POST

Icons... )

Fonts... )

Color Palettes... )

Textures... )

Images... )

Artwork... )

I hope you were inspired to make some beautiful graphics!!!
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(Sorry to everyone, I didn't realize I was Hot Linking by just doing the Img Scr= But some of my images were saying that was HL so I had to change them, My apologies! If you find any other images that need to be changed please let me know, and I will fix it as soon as I can!)

Since I love Hawaii Five-0 so MUCH, I figured that I would do a inspiration based on...

This is about beaches and everything that goes with them, from the water, sands, boardwalks, sky, sun, birds, shells, fish, sea mamals, and waves, to the people, lifeguards, and shop owners on the boardwalks.
Who doesn't love the beach? I have always been fasinated with the beach and all the colors that go with it. It's not just for the surf and the sun, it is a great place sit alone and think, reflect, read or do art, collect rocks and shells or it is a great place to have fun with your family and friends. It really is a great place to be no matter who you are with and it is peaceful, this inspiration post is for all you out there that are like me and LOVE THE BEACH!
Get Inspired By The Beach... )

I hope you were inspired to make some beautiful graphics!!!
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So for this challenge we had to pick one movie/show/book, character, or pairing and complete three works based on that subject. Each three had to be a different choice.

I chose, Graphic (I don't know if it is a Tumblr Graphic or not because I don't usually make them so I just called it a collage thingy haha) (600x600), two Sigtags, and four Icons.

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We had a bunch of images, which were submitted by everyone in an earlier post, and we had to choose up to 12 images to make icons of. These are the 12 I chose:

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So I was sick for the last few days (most of the weekend into Monday) so I didn't get a chance to get online to post these, though I had them done on Saturday night, but am kicking myself for not getting back online that night and posting them, but that is the night my sinus headache attacked with a vengence. Anyways here is my submission for the challenge and I don't know if it is going to count or not, we will see. If not maybe I can use them elsewhere for a challenge points.

So here is what we had to do: Your entries (whether fan works or stock, musicians, celebs) should be feature female characters/persons and be inspired by at least one of the items and/or words in the prompts provided below.
You do not have to use the exact meanings of the trope term or use film noir elements, you may interpret the theme however you wish, as long as your works have a female person in them.

I chose to do:
Asami Sato from Legend of Korra

Katherine Pierce from Vampire Diaries
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For this challenge I had to pick up to 20 items that represent 'me' and create icons for them! It was really fun to make!!! :D

So here are my icons that I created to represent me:

| My Age | My Birthplace |
| Yes That Is My Age | Maine |

| My Pets |
| Oscar Meyer | Ace of Spades | Wall-E-Bear |

| Teddy Bear | Ringo | Midnight Star |

| My Passions |
| Writing | Art | Photography | Books/Reading | Baking/Cooking |

| My Loves |
| Elephants | Dance | Ocean/Nature | Dolphins |

| Puppies | Dragons | Hawaii & Disney Movies |

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I decided to go with Matthew Daddario (no question there right LOL) so I made these nice Icons for him...

Ofcourse I only used the ones with Text added for the challenge but I wanted to show them both ways! I hope you enjoyed looking at Matt as much as I do HAHA. 
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So I figured I would add a post featuring all the icons I have made so far. I hope you enjoy!

189 Icons... )
(Textures used to make Icons were found in various places I do not claim to own them, just used them to create something new)

~Feel free to use them wherever and whenever you want
~Please give me a credit, when using
~Please DO NOT Hotlink
~Don't alter or change anything on them
~Textless are no bases
~Please DO NOT claim as your own
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So I made these lovelies for the month long battle over at cardwars. These were really fun to make.

One Icon per episode...

  | 1x01 |                 | 1x02 |                  | 1x03 |               | 1x04 |                  | 1x05 |

    | 1x06 |                | 1x07 |                   | 1x08 |                 | 1x09 |                  | 1x10 |

   | 1x11 |                 | 1x12 |

(Images Found Here)
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So This is my entry for, Challenge 08: My Best Picture Picks, where we had to pick any year and create graphics from the films that you think are the best from that year. So I chose, 2014 and the movies I chose were:
Click To See... )
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| Snorkel Blue | Buttercup | Serenity |

| Korra | Mako | Asami |

| Legend of Korra |
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We had to pick two prompts and graphics to go along with it so I picked: Five Actors and Five Actresses, and decided to do icons to respresent them.

This was very hard to choose only five because I only have around 100 actors that I like so bringing it down to so few was interesting lol.

Actors Icons: Alex O'Loughlin, Taron Egerton, Robert Downey Jr., Jason Momoa, and Grant Gustin.

The Actresses were slightly easier to bring down to only five but still hard.

Actresses Icons: Scarlett Johannson. Meghan Ory, Holly Marie Combs, Emily Bett Rickards, Angie Harmon.

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Here is my entry for 1x10 Our Favorite Gal, some pretty Icons...

It was very hard to keep with just five so I did a few mixing and matching lol. I hope you all like them. :D

Allison Argent x5 (Teen Wolf)
AllisonArgent #1 AllisonArgent #2 AllisonArgent #3
AllisonArgent #4 AllisonArgent #5

Piper Halliwell x5 (Charmed)
PiperHalliwell#1 PiperHalliwell#2 PiperHalliwell#3
PiperHalliwell#4 PiperHalliwell#5

Penelope Garica x2 & Jennifer "JJ" Jareau x3 (Criminal Minds)
CriminalMinds #1 CriminalMinds #2 CriminalMinds #3
CriminalMinds #4 CriminalMinds #5

Mira x5 (Spartacus)
Mira #1 Mira #2 Mira #3
Mira #4 Mira #5

Kahlan Amnell x1 (Legend of the Seeker), Millicent Huxtable x1 (One Tree Hill), Chiana x1 (Farscape), Charlie Bradbury x1 (Supernatural), Cara x1 (Legend of the Seeker)
Fave Gals #1 Fave Gals #2 Fave Gals #3
Fave Gals #4 Fave Gals #5
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OTP #1 OTP #2 OTP #3
OTP #4 OTP #5

(Characters: Oliver/Conner-HTGAWM, Kol/Davina-The Originals, Liam/Brett- Teen Wolf, Barry/Oliver- The Flash/Arrow, Davin/Dutch-Killjoys)
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SecondaryChar #1 SecondaryChar #2 SecondaryChar #3
SecondaryChar #4 SecondaryChar #5

(Characters: Alvis-Kill Joys, Milady-The Musketeers, Sebastian-Glee, Grace-H50, Carson-SGA)
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VividColoring #1 VividColoring #2 VividColoring #3
VividColoring #4 VividColoring #5

(Icons of Glee Characters: Blaine, Santana, Rachel, Kurt, and Sam.)
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Black&White #1 Black&White #2 Black&White #3
Black&White #4 Black&White #5

(Icons of The Vampire Diaries Characters: Bonnie, Damon, Stefan, Elena, Jeremy) 
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1Image5Icons #1 1Image5Icons #2 1Image5Icons #3
1Image5Icons #4 1Image5Icons #5

(Drew & Rick From The Night Shift (NBC))
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So I hope I did these right! :D LOL.

I chose options:
C) Quote Mash : Create 2 large graphics or gifs from one fandom with quotes from another source.
Pictures from BBC, The Musketeers, Quotes from
(Click for Full View)

D) Technique Mash : Create 3 icons using two different techniques.
3 Icons from BBC's The Musketeers, Aramis, Athos, Porthos, Close Crop+ Black & White.
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So here is my entry for: 1x07 Jolly Green Giant, over at fourcornersland

25 Lovely Icons! Inspired by the color GREEN. I hope you like them.
Green #1 Green #2 Green #3 Green #4 Green #5
Green #6 Green #7 Green #8 Green #9 Green #10
Green #11 Green #12 Green #13 Green #14 Green #15
Green #16 Green #17 Green #18 Green #19 Green #20
Green #21 Green #22 Green #23 Green #24 Green #25


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