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For all my writer friends I thought I would share this incase you didn't know about it, it's going on right now! Go have a look! Have fun, I might be doing this I don't know yet :D

Ones I Have Filled:

  • The Flash, Cisco Ramon/Caitlin Snow, Movie night. [Fill]

  • Any, any, rosa rubicundior, lilio candidior [Fill]

  • Any, any, Well, here we are again - it's always such a pleasure. [Fill]

My Prompts:

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Aramis/Porthos, "I want to turn back the clock to before..." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Aramis/Any, "Oh my God. You're in love with her." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Porthos/Any, "Just give me my cut of the money and I'll be out of here." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Constance/D'artagnan, "You've only heard his point of view. You never asked mine." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Athos & Porthos (friendship), "Oh yeah, you really told him, didn't you?" [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), D'artagnan/Any, "You make me feel like I'm not good enough." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Athos and Aramis (friendship), talking about Anne de Breuil (Milady de Winter), "You've taken her back? You can't be serious?", Modern Day AU [Here]

  • Glee, Blaine Anderson & Santana Lopez (Friendship), Talking about Sebastian: "Why didn't he come and talk to me himself?" [Here]

  • Glee, Sebastian Smythe said to Kurt Hummel, "I hope that what I've said hasn't hurt you too much." [Here]

  • Hawaii Five-0 (2010), The Team, Any, "I think the room is bugged." [Here]

  • Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Steve McGarrett/Catherine Rollins, Catherine is driving, "Sorry, it's just that I get very nervous when someone else is driving." [Here]

  • Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Having a conversation about Rachel taking Grace away, "I don't think I could live alone again." [Here]

  • Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett/Danny 'Danno' Williams, Talking about Grace, "We'll find her and bring her home, I promise." [Here]

  • RWBY (Rooster Teeth), Ruby Rose & Weiss Schnee, They are fighting about something, "How dare you look down your nose at me like that." [Here]

  • The Flash, Any/Any, "Are you taking his side against me?" [Here]

  • The Flash, Harrison Wells/Cisco Ramon, "We can't. I'm your boss." [Here]

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Here is my entry for this challenge, and here is what we had to do:
 For this challenge, choose the digital doll maker(s) of your choice and re-create your favorite historical figures. You may use any character from our acceptable fandoms, or someone from real life. Just be sure to tell us who they are in your comment.

So I used Doll Divine and chose three characters from The Musketeers (BBC)
Aramis, D'artagnan, and Constance

And I chose, Jo from Little Women (1994) and Claire from Outlander

Yay for all the prettiness!!! :D
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So I figured I would add a post featuring all the icons I have made so far. I hope you enjoy!

189 Icons... )
(Textures used to make Icons were found in various places I do not claim to own them, just used them to create something new)

~Feel free to use them wherever and whenever you want
~Please give me a credit, when using
~Please DO NOT Hotlink
~Don't alter or change anything on them
~Textless are no bases
~Please DO NOT claim as your own
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What's the challenge? To create different works of art centered on your favorite male characters!

So here is a mere portion of some of my fave guy characters. I seriously had a hard time picking five. I made some piccy collage thingys, I figured they are close enough to picspams to count lol. :D I hope you enjoy!

(please click to see full image view)

Nogitsune!Stiles-Teen Wolf

Steve McGarrett- Hawaii Five O

Porthos- The Musketeers

Jamie Fraser- Outlander


Professor Charles Xavier- X-Men
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SecondaryChar #1 SecondaryChar #2 SecondaryChar #3
SecondaryChar #4 SecondaryChar #5

(Characters: Alvis-Kill Joys, Milady-The Musketeers, Sebastian-Glee, Grace-H50, Carson-SGA)
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I replaced Favorite Picspam for Eyes...

(Please Click Image To See Larger View)
(Image of The Musketeers (BBC) Characters Eyes)
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So I hope I did these right! :D LOL.

I chose options:
C) Quote Mash : Create 2 large graphics or gifs from one fandom with quotes from another source.
Pictures from BBC, The Musketeers, Quotes from
(Click for Full View)

D) Technique Mash : Create 3 icons using two different techniques.
3 Icons from BBC's The Musketeers, Aramis, Athos, Porthos, Close Crop+ Black & White.
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Title: What Are You Waiting For?
Prompt: Feathers
Fandom: The Musketeers
Pairings: Aramis/Athos Friendship.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 448
Disclaimer: I DON’T claim to own the character of The Musketeers or to have anything to do with the show. I just like to use the characters as toys in my imagination. I write these just for fun, NO profit was made!

Aramis let out a groan as he took the last step down the long wooden staircase. Training earlier had been rough. Some of the newer recruits had broken out into a fight over… Aramis wasn’t even sure what it was over. His hand had been cut and his hat had been trampled on. The feather that he had placed there so many years ago had been snap in two.

Aramis glanced down at his hat he was holding and let out a sigh. His hat just did not look right without a feather placed upon it.

“It is a shame you know.”

Aramis shook his head and then glanced behind him. He couldn’t help the smile that came on his face. “What is?”

“That your hat no longer has a feather.” Athos said as he came to a stop beside his friend.

“Yes it was a very nice feather.” Aramis responded and stroked the place on his hat where the feather had been with his thumb. He knew that the feather was nothing really that special but he had had it since he had become a Musketeer and now he just felt off not having it.

Athos let out a chuckle. “Yes, yes it was.”

Aramis glanced up at Athos. “Did you just come down here to tell me that my hat is now less of a hat, or did you actually want something of me?” He wiped off the brim of his hat and then placed it on his head.

Athos let out another chuckle. “I suppose it is less of a hat now, according to your standards. But I did come down here for a reason.” Athos held out his hand towards Aramis.

“Where did you find it?” Aramis asked looking up from the item in Athos’ hand to Athos’ face, where a smile was still gracing his lips.

“Treville still had some of the feathers that he had given us when we became Musketeer’s, I think this one is a perfect match for yours.” Athos placed the feather in Aramis’ hand. “Just don’t tell Porthos I am giving you things, wouldn’t want him to get jealous.” Athos’ smile widened as Aramis let out a chuckle.

“No we do not need that.” Aramis shook his head and then glanced over at said man fondly, letting out another chuckle. He turned his gaze onto the feather that he now held.

"What are you waiting for?" Athos motioned with his hand, for Aramis to put the feather on his hat where it belonged.

Aramis once again let out a chuckle and then removed his hat, placing the feather in the place the other one had been in. "Thank-you!"



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