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A Short Drabble written for Team Diamonds, Winter Battle, from my own novel. All character's are mine.

Snow's Curse
Japp let out hiss as the cold snow slipped inside his boots. He hated snow. To him snow was like a curse on the lands. Too many things died in the winter. He truly had come to despise it. He hadn't seen snow since he was a child but what he had seen of it was enough. He preferred the desert.

He dropped the pile of wood down on the ground beside the fire that was starting to burn low. They had cleared the ground around their camp fire from all the snow. A large canvas tarp was keeping the snow from falling down on him and his companions.

Rani smiled at him. Her a smile he had grown accustom to. "I think you are slightly covered in snow." She let out a chuckle.

Japp sat down on the log and let out a huff. "I hadn't noticed." He slid off his boot and shook the snow onto the bare ground.

"Why didn't you stay on the path?" Hadley asked, watching Japp from the other side of the fire. "Hurry before the fire goes out."

Japp glared at Hadley. "If you want the fire to be bigger you add the wood." He picked up a piece of the wood and threw it at Hadley, it landed on the ground beside him.

"Hey...rude..." Hadley growled out.

Japp rolled his eyes and noticed that Rani rolled hers too. "Your brother isn't very grateful is he?" He whispered to her.

Rani shook her head. "Sadly it is one of his downfalls. Mother always tells him he needs to appreciate things more but he never listens. Thank-you for getting the wood. It is very cold away from the fire. My brother wouldn't have lasted long out there." She glanced out into the snowy darkness that surrounded them.

Japp nodded. The twins had never seen the snow before. He let out a sigh and nodded again at Rani. She smiled at him and he found himself smiling too.

He turned his attention back to his boots, which he laid closer to the fire to dry. They had enough heat still coming from the fire that the snow he had dumped out of his boot had disappeared. This made Japp smile. Despite Hadley's complaining at least none of them were going to freeze. But next time he was sending Hadley to collect the firewood. Even if Rani said Hadley wouldn't have made it, it was tempting.

He tossed the firewood one piece at a time and felt the flame come back to life. It's warm heat was making the snow melt on the tarp, perfect for drinking water. Which they had been short on before the snow came. Maybe something good was going to come from this snow after all. They weren't going to go thirsty.

He stood back up and picked up the large metal pot and proceeded to collect the water. Maybe he could make a nice tea after boiling the water. Warm them all up on the inside.

He sat back down and let out a content sigh. They could make it through this snow's curse. They had too.

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That's sweet.

Date: 2016-12-22 11:39 pm (UTC)
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Awe thank-you! I am glad that you liked it! :D


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