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This Journal is Friends-Only so please comment if you want to be added.

Hi There, Ama here...So I know I haven't gotten many friends requests yet but my journal is FRIENDS-ONLY so I thought I should share a little about myself with you all (even though you can find out pretty much all you need to know on my profile ;) ) such as my fandoms/ships/etc. I am up for having new friends and welcome it I would just really like to know why you want to be friends with me. :D

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Tv Shows & Such... )
Fave Fandoms/Ships... )

So after reading all that if you would like to still be friends with me, leave me a little note in the comment section and I would be more than happy to add you too! Thanks again! If you are just here looking for my icons and fics then you can now find them all here in one place at: [ profile] elysian_ama feel free to join or watch so you can keep up to date on all the new stuff! Thanks, Take Care XoXo ~ Ama
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It is promotion time! If you would like to join Phase 9 of the multifandom challenge comm [ profile] gameofcards it has begun! And it is loads of fun!

Come and join the fun and tell them [ profile] ama_ranth_827 sent you! I am part of Team Diamonds as a Co-Mod! We would love to have you there :D But teams Clubs, Hearts and Spades are great also!

Feel like joining another Landcomm? Or joining your first one? Why don't you hop on over to the link below and sign up! Just remember to say that Ama or [ profile] ama_ranth_827 sent you!! This comm is really fun and has some really good challenges!

TV Universe

Come Join The Fun!!! TV Junkies wanted!
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Hear ye, hear ye! [ profile] a_war_of_roses, is looking for new members, we are an interactive landcomm based on historical fandoms! If that is your thing, if you love history, then this is the place for you. Come join us!!!

Apply here to join Team Red Rose or Team White Rose, and tell them Ama sent you!

Feel like joining another Landcomm? Or joining your first one? Why don't you hop on over to the link below and sign up! Just remember to say that Ama or [ profile] ama_ranth_827 sent you!! We have just started back up and it looks like it is going to be a good round!

Lands of Magic

Come Join The Fun!!!

[ profile] theiconthrone An Icon-only community.
I am on [ profile] house_night but there is also [ profile] house_bright if you are interested in joining, I am sure you will have tons of fun!!!
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A Short Drabble written for Team Diamonds, Winter Battle, from my own novel. All character's are mine.

Snow's Curse
Japp let out hiss as the cold snow slipped inside his boots. He hated snow. To him snow was like a curse on the lands. Too many things died in the winter. He truly had come to despise it. He hadn't seen snow since he was a child but what he had seen of it was enough. He preferred the desert.

He dropped the pile of wood down on the ground beside the fire that was starting to burn low. They had cleared the ground around their camp fire from all the snow. A large canvas tarp was keeping the snow from falling down on him and his companions.

Rani smiled at him. Her a smile he had grown accustom to. "I think you are slightly covered in snow." She let out a chuckle.

Japp sat down on the log and let out a huff. "I hadn't noticed." He slid off his boot and shook the snow onto the bare ground.

"Why didn't you stay on the path?" Hadley asked, watching Japp from the other side of the fire. "Hurry before the fire goes out."

Japp glared at Hadley. "If you want the fire to be bigger you add the wood." He picked up a piece of the wood and threw it at Hadley, it landed on the ground beside him.

"Hey...rude..." Hadley growled out.

Japp rolled his eyes and noticed that Rani rolled hers too. "Your brother isn't very grateful is he?" He whispered to her.

Rani shook her head. "Sadly it is one of his downfalls. Mother always tells him he needs to appreciate things more but he never listens. Thank-you for getting the wood. It is very cold away from the fire. My brother wouldn't have lasted long out there." She glanced out into the snowy darkness that surrounded them.

Japp nodded. The twins had never seen the snow before. He let out a sigh and nodded again at Rani. She smiled at him and he found himself smiling too.

He turned his attention back to his boots, which he laid closer to the fire to dry. They had enough heat still coming from the fire that the snow he had dumped out of his boot had disappeared. This made Japp smile. Despite Hadley's complaining at least none of them were going to freeze. But next time he was sending Hadley to collect the firewood. Even if Rani said Hadley wouldn't have made it, it was tempting.

He tossed the firewood one piece at a time and felt the flame come back to life. It's warm heat was making the snow melt on the tarp, perfect for drinking water. Which they had been short on before the snow came. Maybe something good was going to come from this snow after all. They weren't going to go thirsty.

He stood back up and picked up the large metal pot and proceeded to collect the water. Maybe he could make a nice tea after boiling the water. Warm them all up on the inside.

He sat back down and let out a content sigh. They could make it through this snow's curse. They had too.
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For all my writer friends I thought I would share this incase you didn't know about it, it's going on right now! Go have a look! Have fun, I might be doing this I don't know yet :D

Ones I Have Filled:

  • The Flash, Cisco Ramon/Caitlin Snow, Movie night. [Fill]

  • Any, any, rosa rubicundior, lilio candidior [Fill]

  • Any, any, Well, here we are again - it's always such a pleasure. [Fill]

My Prompts:

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Aramis/Porthos, "I want to turn back the clock to before..." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Aramis/Any, "Oh my God. You're in love with her." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Porthos/Any, "Just give me my cut of the money and I'll be out of here." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Constance/D'artagnan, "You've only heard his point of view. You never asked mine." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Athos & Porthos (friendship), "Oh yeah, you really told him, didn't you?" [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), D'artagnan/Any, "You make me feel like I'm not good enough." [Here]

  • The Musketeers (BBC), Athos and Aramis (friendship), talking about Anne de Breuil (Milady de Winter), "You've taken her back? You can't be serious?", Modern Day AU [Here]

  • Glee, Blaine Anderson & Santana Lopez (Friendship), Talking about Sebastian: "Why didn't he come and talk to me himself?" [Here]

  • Glee, Sebastian Smythe said to Kurt Hummel, "I hope that what I've said hasn't hurt you too much." [Here]

  • Hawaii Five-0 (2010), The Team, Any, "I think the room is bugged." [Here]

  • Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Steve McGarrett/Catherine Rollins, Catherine is driving, "Sorry, it's just that I get very nervous when someone else is driving." [Here]

  • Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Having a conversation about Rachel taking Grace away, "I don't think I could live alone again." [Here]

  • Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett/Danny 'Danno' Williams, Talking about Grace, "We'll find her and bring her home, I promise." [Here]

  • RWBY (Rooster Teeth), Ruby Rose & Weiss Schnee, They are fighting about something, "How dare you look down your nose at me like that." [Here]

  • The Flash, Any/Any, "Are you taking his side against me?" [Here]

  • The Flash, Harrison Wells/Cisco Ramon, "We can't. I'm your boss." [Here]

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If any of you Hawaii Five -0 lovers out there are looking to make icons I really suggest checking out [ profile] h50icontest we coud always use some more pretty Five-0 icons out there. The new challenge can be found here. And if you would like to you can vote here on the recent batch of icons, you don't have to be a member but please if you have time come show your love to all the icons there. Yes I made Icons for that challenge but I can't tell you which ones are mine LOL But please vote! :D

So yeah show your love :D Thanks a bunch!

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So I was really unsure what I wanted to do for this because there are a lot of textures that I already use in other's posts, and I kind of have a weird way of making my icons but I thought I would make something for people that like to work with black and white, and show how I would make/use the textures in my icons: (Sorry that this post and the icons aren't that good, but I tried!)

Black & White Textures... )

Artist Choice 1 Sigtag.png
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August 04: How did you get into Spartacus/Nagron? ( [ profile] kleinepfoetchen)

Thanks for the question Hon!

I started watching Spartacus as soon as it aired on Starz, I kept seeing the previews for it and it looked amazing!!!! My very first favorite character on there was of course Spartacus, I loved Andy, he was amazing! And I loved Varro, Jai is amazing! Then when the second half of the first season was aired and they brought on Agron (Dan), Duro, and Mira, I was soooo happy, and the 5 of them were my faves, then they go and kill off Varro, not happy, it all started to go down hill from there for my characters because I lost Duro too!!! The only comfort I had was that Sparty, Mira and Agron survived! And then the news of Andy's illness, came and I felt heartbroken, but I had hope that after a short break (this was before I knew how serious his cancer was) that he would come back to do the new season!

I really enjoyed the mini season that we got, because we got to see Gannicus and I really liked him, and he became one of my faves also (though I don't like him as well as I do my other faves)

News came that the second season was still happening, I will be honest had it not been for Argon and Mira still being characters on the show, I would have probably given up on the show, but I am so glad that I didn't because we got a new Sparty (Liam, who was amazing as Sparty) and then shortly into the second season we got Nasir (Pana is so handsome) and my hopes for Nagron were born!!! I have loved them since then!

I also got a few other fave characters in the second season, Saxa, and Donar! Love them too!

So yeah that pretty much is my story of Spartacus.Nagron love LOL If you would like to know more about the show and the actors for those that don't know much about it you can go here or here

I hope this was a good enough answer! I hope I didn't bore anyone LOL

Thanks again Hon for the question and thanks to my f-list for reading this and on to the next day we go!!! :D

There is still time to send me more questions, so please do, you can leave them in the comments here! :D
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(Images should now be fixed, it seems LJ likes to change image sizes HAHA)
So some of you may know this and some of you may not but I really love Disney movies, and who doesn't love the Princesses, so I thought why not do a inspiration post for them. Here we go:

Almost every little girl has grown up with one or more Disney princesses as their idol, with Elsa from Frozen the most obvious recent example. From Snow White to Cinderella, Disney princesses have served as role models for children for generations. Many come from fairy tales that were around long before Disney even existed, but the movies that star these beautiful characters are what made them so famous today.

Words to get you thinking:

noun: princess; plural noun: princesses
the daughter of a monarch.
a close female relative of monarch, especially a son's daughter.
the wife or widow of a prince.
the female ruler of a small state, actually, nominally, or originally subject to a king or emperor.
a spoiled or arrogant young woman.
Synonyms for princess:
noun female ruler
queen, sovereign

After getting inspired by the words above let's look at the Princesses who have appeared in movies to date, in the order they graced our screens for more inspiration:
(Information About Princesses Taken from (Not my words on descriptions of Princesses): Here and Here)

The Princesses... )

This post is image heavy so it will be behind cut, IMAGE HEAVY POST

Icons... )

Fonts... )

Color Palettes... )

Textures... )

Images... )

Artwork... )

I hope you were inspired to make some beautiful graphics!!!
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(Click the Entry Title to see Full Entry Without It Being Squashed Together)
(Sorry to everyone, I didn't realize I was Hot Linking by just doing the Img Scr= But some of my images were saying that was HL so I had to change them, My apologies! If you find any other images that need to be changed please let me know, and I will fix it as soon as I can!)

Since I love Hawaii Five-0 so MUCH, I figured that I would do a inspiration based on...

This is about beaches and everything that goes with them, from the water, sands, boardwalks, sky, sun, birds, shells, fish, sea mamals, and waves, to the people, lifeguards, and shop owners on the boardwalks.
Who doesn't love the beach? I have always been fasinated with the beach and all the colors that go with it. It's not just for the surf and the sun, it is a great place sit alone and think, reflect, read or do art, collect rocks and shells or it is a great place to have fun with your family and friends. It really is a great place to be no matter who you are with and it is peaceful, this inspiration post is for all you out there that are like me and LOVE THE BEACH!
Get Inspired By The Beach... )

I hope you were inspired to make some beautiful graphics!!!
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Hear ye, hear ye! [ profile] a_war_of_roses, is looking for new members, we are an interactive landcomm based on historical fandoms! If that is your thing, if you love history, then this is the place for you. Come join us!!!
Apply here to join Team Red Rose or Team White Rose, and tell them Ama sent you!
Round One began on April 17th but it is not to late to join!!! Hope to see you there! :D
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Here is my entry for this lovely challenge.

This is what we had to do:
 It's time for one of the staples of landcomm challenges: Re-casting!  For those who've never done this before, the idea is simple. You have recently been appointed as a director! Pick any of our acceptable historical fandoms, choose your characters, and pick new actors to represent them. You can be as creative with this as you like.

So I really wasn’t sure which fandom I wanted to do for this one because most of my fandoms I am happy with how they are cast so I had to really think about which I wanted to do and who I wanted to use as the re-casted cast.

I decided to go with The Secret Garden (1993).
(Maggie Smith’s character Mrs. Medlock was the only character I wasn’t sure that I wanted to recast so I left her character out. And I know that there are a few more than needed here but I couldn't leave out the important characters LOL)

My Cast
Emma Watson as Mary Lennox
Taron Egerton as Dickon Sowerby
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Colin Craven
Robert Carlyle as Archibald Craven
Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Lennox/Lilias Craven
Colin Firth as Major Lennox
Rosamund Pike as Martha Sowerby

Clicky For The Piccies... )
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Here is my entry for this challenge, and here is what we had to do:
 For this challenge, choose the digital doll maker(s) of your choice and re-create your favorite historical figures. You may use any character from our acceptable fandoms, or someone from real life. Just be sure to tell us who they are in your comment.

So I used Doll Divine and chose three characters from The Musketeers (BBC)
Aramis, D'artagnan, and Constance

And I chose, Jo from Little Women (1994) and Claire from Outlander

Yay for all the prettiness!!! :D
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Feel like joining another Landcomm? Or joining your first one? Why don't you hop on over to the link below and sign up! Just remember to say that Ama or ama_ranth_827 sent you!! I am new to this comm myself but it looks really cool so far and has some really good challenges!

TV Universe

Come Join The Fun!!!
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So for this challenge we had to pick one movie/show/book, character, or pairing and complete three works based on that subject. Each three had to be a different choice.

I chose, Graphic (I don't know if it is a Tumblr Graphic or not because I don't usually make them so I just called it a collage thingy haha) (600x600), two Sigtags, and four Icons.

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We had a bunch of images, which were submitted by everyone in an earlier post, and we had to choose up to 12 images to make icons of. These are the 12 I chose:

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So I was sick for the last few days (most of the weekend into Monday) so I didn't get a chance to get online to post these, though I had them done on Saturday night, but am kicking myself for not getting back online that night and posting them, but that is the night my sinus headache attacked with a vengence. Anyways here is my submission for the challenge and I don't know if it is going to count or not, we will see. If not maybe I can use them elsewhere for a challenge points.

So here is what we had to do: Your entries (whether fan works or stock, musicians, celebs) should be feature female characters/persons and be inspired by at least one of the items and/or words in the prompts provided below.
You do not have to use the exact meanings of the trope term or use film noir elements, you may interpret the theme however you wish, as long as your works have a female person in them.

I chose to do:
Asami Sato from Legend of Korra

Katherine Pierce from Vampire Diaries
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For this challenge I had to pick up to 20 items that represent 'me' and create icons for them! It was really fun to make!!! :D

So here are my icons that I created to represent me:

| My Age | My Birthplace |
| Yes That Is My Age | Maine |

| My Pets |
| Oscar Meyer | Ace of Spades | Wall-E-Bear |

| Teddy Bear | Ringo | Midnight Star |

| My Passions |
| Writing | Art | Photography | Books/Reading | Baking/Cooking |

| My Loves |
| Elephants | Dance | Ocean/Nature | Dolphins |

| Puppies | Dragons | Hawaii & Disney Movies |

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For those that haven't heard...

[ profile] theiconthrone An Icon-only community challenge starting april 2nd

I am on [ profile] house_night but there is also [ profile] house_bright if you are interested in joining, I am sure it will be tons of fun!!!

Here is the SigTag I have made so far for the comm. :D

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I decided to go with Matthew Daddario (no question there right LOL) so I made these nice Icons for him...

Ofcourse I only used the ones with Text added for the challenge but I wanted to show them both ways! I hope you enjoyed looking at Matt as much as I do HAHA. 
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I finally made a community for all my fics & graphics...possibly my art (we will see on that one.)

Here it is: [ profile] elysian_ama I haven't got much on there yet but you can come on over and join if you would like to. Its open membership but the post are members only so check it out and let me know what you think. :D


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