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Here is my entry for 1x10 Our Favorite Gal, some pretty Icons...

It was very hard to keep with just five so I did a few mixing and matching lol. I hope you all like them. :D

Allison Argent x5 (Teen Wolf)
AllisonArgent #1 AllisonArgent #2 AllisonArgent #3
AllisonArgent #4 AllisonArgent #5

Piper Halliwell x5 (Charmed)
PiperHalliwell#1 PiperHalliwell#2 PiperHalliwell#3
PiperHalliwell#4 PiperHalliwell#5

Penelope Garica x2 & Jennifer "JJ" Jareau x3 (Criminal Minds)
CriminalMinds #1 CriminalMinds #2 CriminalMinds #3
CriminalMinds #4 CriminalMinds #5

Mira x5 (Spartacus)
Mira #1 Mira #2 Mira #3
Mira #4 Mira #5

Kahlan Amnell x1 (Legend of the Seeker), Millicent Huxtable x1 (One Tree Hill), Chiana x1 (Farscape), Charlie Bradbury x1 (Supernatural), Cara x1 (Legend of the Seeker)
Fave Gals #1 Fave Gals #2 Fave Gals #3
Fave Gals #4 Fave Gals #5
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Title: Going Through The Motions
Prompt: Gen Fic
Fandom: Supernatural (Highschool AU)
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, Dean, Charlie, Castiel, Jo, Sam, Jess and more...Mentions of Dean with Lisa.
Rating: PG-13ish (The full story is going to be R-MA but this chapter falls within this rating but I kept the language they use in the show with each other so Sorry if it ofends anyone.)
Word Count: 4,187
Disclaimer: I DON’T claim to own the character of Supernatural or to have anything to do with the show. I just like to use the characters as toys in my imagination. I write these just for fun, NO profit was made!

(So this took me awhile to get it done but I plan on making this a multichapter fic, once I get the rest written. Thanks for reading, yes it is long LOL. It kind of got away from me LOL.)
Chapter 1... )

(Sorry This was Unbeta'd so the mistakes are my own.)


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